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CSA Farm Share Program | Bridgeville, Delaware

Your Own Shares of Locally-Grown, Farm-Fresh Produce

What is a Farm Share program?

Our Farm Share Program or a CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is a relationship of a mutual commitment between farmers and members. In return for an annual fee, which helps cover production costs of the farm, Sayre Baldwin Farm's share members receive a weekly share of the highest quality produce during the growing season from June through September

Farm Share Benefits

All Farm Share (CSA) members receive:

  • Weekly shares of the highest quality produce in season: The following are examples of what members may expect to find in their shares (depending on what is in season at the time): Apples, beets, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, garlic, herbs, kale, leeks, lettuce, onions, peaches, peppers, potatoes, radishes, scallions, summer squash, strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, etc.

  • 10% Discount: A discount card that entitles you to 10% off each time you shop at the Sayre Baldwin Farm Market. (Cards are good for the entire year once membership is paid in full.)

Farm Share Options

Sayre Baldwin Farms currently offers the following farm share options:

  • Quarter Shares (NEW!): Approximately one quarter bushel of assorted fresh produce
    Recommended for a 2-3 person family
    COST: $28/week


  • Half Shares: Approximately one half bushel of assorted fresh produce
    Recommended for a 4-6 person family
    COST: $32/week


  • Full Shares: Approximately one bushel of assorted fresh produce
    Recommended for a 6-10 person family
    COST: $40/week

Why Invest in a CSA Membership?

Following are some of the reasons families choose to become CSA farm share members:

  • Experience great tasting fresh fruits and vegetables, hand-selected and picked at the peak of ripeness from nearby fields

  • Try new - sometimes not as readily available at the local supermarket

  • Take advantage of the health benefits of food that is natural, fresh, and full of nutrients

  • Supporting local farms is important to the community's economy and character

  • Experience stress relief by visiting and experiencing the farm atmosphere

  • "Connect with your food" by learning about your food source and how your food is grown

  • Reduce the time from farm-to-table

  • Freeze and store some of your own food for the winter

Farm Share Pick-Up Time

Pick up your share each week during the 18 -week growing season from June to September

  • Wednesdays between 9AM and 5PM

Farm Share Terms & Conditions

  • Sayre Baldwin Farms is dedicated, to the best of our ability, to provide fresh, high quality produce. 

  • Members understand and accept that there are risks in agriculture which need to be shared by the whole community and may be echoed in the yield of certain crops. The availability, size, and quality of certain fruits and vegetables may be affected by natural disasters, unfavorable weather conditions, and other factors that are beyond the control of Sayre Baldwin Farms. Farm and Members share in the disappointment together. 

  • Items will vary from week to week and month to month. Members may NOT substitute or exchange items included in their weekly share.

  • Members are responsible for picking up your share each week. If you are unable to pick up your share you may ask a friend to pick it up for you. Any weekly share not picked up will be forfeited and you may not get a refund or store credit. Your share will then be donated to a local food bank.

  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Become a Farm Share Member

Contact Jason @ (302) 228-2652 or stop in to the market to become a member.


Wednesdays 9-5  

June - September

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